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Gambito's performances typically include comedy sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. As Gambito has stated repeatedly in her videos, she is notably one of the very few top users acting, filming, editing and producing her shorts completely on her own.Born and raised in Virginia and of Filipino ethnicity, she studied and graduated in nursing while obtaining several cameo appearances and small parts in television commercials and movies, industrial and training films.

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That leaves these elected people free to do whatever the heck they want, which is why so many wind up getting into trouble.Gambito started posting videos as Happy Slip hoping that the videos could eventually earn her enough money that she could stay home with her young son. She has cited as one of her inspirations toward this goal Brooke Brodack , who turned her internet video hobby into a career after being signed by NBC.Gambito attributes her nickname "Happy Slip" to her Filipino mother's mispronunciation of "half slip": "As a child, my Filipino mom would always remind me to wear a half-slip with skirts.), better known to her audience as Happy Slip, is an You Tube Celebrity, internet personality and popular You Tube content provider.She maintains one of You Tube's most subscribed channels.A story in today’s Washington Post is written by a woman who became so dispirited after the election that she lost the will to find love.

I don’t think anyone has come forward to announce that this is satire but it comes across as something a Trump might write to mock the tender sensibilities of progressives.

Her second video introduced many of the recurring themes in her following sketches, such as her parents' attitude towards her growing popularity over the Internet and her family's ethnic habits seen through the mind of an American.

Other notable sketches include Mixed Nuts — a video depicting what she would call "a typical family discussion" which was later awarded with the second place in the 2006 You Tube Video Awards for Best Comedy — and Mac Beautiful, her first musical video, an ironic cover of the song You're Beautiful by James Blunt praising the beauty and efficiency of her 12" Apple Power Book computer.

For the moment, let’s assume this is all too gloriously real!

The piece opens, “In August, I went on six dates in one week.

New You Tube glitch allows channels to lose thousands of subscribers a second and enter the negatives.