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So much so, that Match sees a 42% increase of new members today! 50 million messages are sent 5 million photos are uploaded and 1 million dates happen!

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Are you single and feel stuck in your love life without understanding why or what to do about it? It will give you clarity and understanding about common problems and patterns, why we act the way that we do in our love lives and the results it creates.On you can read her positive psychology blog Hello Happiness.When subscribing for the course you will also be invited to join the Happy Dating Newsletter where Linnea will share more free content, tips and inspiration on how to take charge of your love life.The tools, knowledge and wisdom from positive psychology (where I have my academic background) are very effective and applicable for creating new patterns and behaviors around attraction, dating and relationships, and is in the basis of what I teach and how I coach.When you understand yourself and your situation it becomes so much easier to create what you are longing for in your love life. You are the only person who you know for sure will always be a part of your love life. When you understand yourself and your patterns, wants, needs, preferences and quirks, dating will become so much easer.If you would like to let the administrators of this website know that you've seen this page instead of the page you expected, you should send them e-mail.

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And if you don’t do it you’re not surprised when it doesn’t happen.

Don’t leave the success in your love life up to chance either!

the most popular Sunday of the year for going on dates. It’s the biggest Sunday of the year for logging into, signing up for, and starting connections via online dating!