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While he is trying to learn forgiveness, it may not stop him from pressing charges against some of the Twitter users who directed their comments at his daughter.

Other family is pretty screwed up to.” But that line isn’t set in stone with the company. Under the criteria of “Offensive Content,” Twitter says “…users are allowed to post content, including potentially inflammatory content,” as long as it abides by the terms of service.“I don’t think any of them considered their futures with the legal tag of ‘sex offender’ following them around every home and job they are interested in,” Schilling said in regard to potential legal action against the Twitter users.Nagel, on the other hand, has a lot to think about before he releases his apology.Edison has 7 percent of their population below the poverty line while Medfield’s percentage is at 1.4.Edison has a white population of only 44 percent while Medfield is nearly 97 percent caucasian.His everyday normalcy in his life is all but forgotten. Once you press the submit button on a tweet, it is in cyber space and will forever be in cyber space.

What’s left is a suspension, some possible legal charges and a lifetime to try and get over this mistake. According to Schilling it’s a problem with the current generation.

The policy goes on to say that Twitter will not screen or remove potentially offensive content unless it violates the terms.

Twitter’s policy also states that users may not make specific direct threats against any group or person.

To the right is the statement from Brookdale Community College in regard to Nagel’s status at the school.

His status as a DJ on the school radio station has been stripped from him.

He starts off his blog post by saying he is happy he didn’t grow up in a time that social media was prominent.