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R | 86 - build/|binary inst |only src/| 1716 -------------------------- src/IO.h | 24 src/| 652 --------- src/RRare.h | 42 - src/Rcpp | 4 src/| 188 -- src/options.h | 29 12 files changed, 1481 insertions( ), 1289 deletions(-) New package ukds with initial version 0.1.0 Package: ukds Type: Package Title: Reproducible Data Retrieval from the UK Data Service Version: 0.1.0 Date: 2017-03-22 [email protected]: c( person("Frederick", "Solt", email = "[email protected]", role = c("aut", "cre"))) URL: Bug Reports: Description: Reproducible, programmatic retrieval of datasets from the UK Data Service .

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Individuals SDMs can be created using a single or multiple algorithms (ensemble SDMs). Thresholding can be based on a specific evaluation metric or by drawing repeatedly from a Bernoulli distribution. Methods to stack individual SDMs include summing individual probabilities and thresholding then summing. Rd | 38 - readr-1.1.0/readr/src/| 45 - readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Collector.h | 41 - readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Date Time Parser.h | 21 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Progress.h | 26 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Qi Parsers.h | 12 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Rcpp | 201 ------ readr-1.1.0/readr/src/| 10 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Source.h | 2 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Source File.h | 3 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Source Raw.h | 3 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Source String.h | 3 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/| 5 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Tokenizer | 2 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Tokenizer | 67 - readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Tokenizer |only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/Tokenizer Ws.h |only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/|only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/grisu3.c | 8 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/init.c |only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/localtime.c | 12 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/| 22 readr-1.1.0/readr/src/| 39 - readr-1.1.0/readr/src/write_|only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/write_connection.h |only readr-1.1.0/readr/src/write_| 24 - readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/|only readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/helper. R | 6 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-parsing-character. R | 61 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-parsing-factors. R | 34 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-parsing-logical. R | 4 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-parsing-numeric. R | 9 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-parsing-time. R | 9 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-problems. R | 34 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-read-chunked. R | 63 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-read-csv. R | 23 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-read-file. R | 4 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-read-fwf. R | 65 - readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-read-table. R |only readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-write-delim. R | 29 readr-1.1.0/readr/tests/testthat/test-write-lines. R | 34 readr-1.1.0/readr/tools |only readr-1.1.0/readr/vignettes/locales. Author: Dominique Makowski [aut, cre], Phillip Alday [ctb] Maintainer: Dominique Makowski neuropsychology-0.3.0/neuropsychology/R/get_factors. Rmd |only readr-1.1.0/readr/vignettes/releases |only 129 files changed, 2183 insertions( ), 1371 deletions(-) Package neuropsychology updated to version 0.5.0 with previous version 0.3.0 dated 2016-11-10 Title: Toolbox for Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and Neuroscientists Description: Contains statistical functions (for patient assessment, data preprocessing and reporting, ...) and datasets useful in psychology, neuropsychology and neuroscience. License: MIT file LICENSE Encoding: UTF-8 Lazy Data: true Roxygen Note: 6.0.1 Suggests: knitr, rmarkdown Vignette Builder: knitr Needs Compilation: no Packaged: 2017-03-22 UTC; tliu Repository: CRAN Date/Publication: 2017-03-22 UTC More information about m MPA at CRAN Permanent link New package margins with initial version 0.3.0 Package: margins Type: Package Title: Marginal Effects for Model Objects Description: An R port of Stata's 'margins' command, which can be used to calculate marginal (or partial) effects from model objects.

Using MC avoids the dependence of the estimated number of assays on any specific ordering of the samples to form pools.

Author: Sylvain Schmitt, Robin Pouteau, Dimitri Justeau, Philippe Birnbaum Maintainer: Sylvain Schmitt Package rtk updated to version 0.2.5 with previous version dated 2017-02-22 Title: Rarefaction Tool Kit Description: Rarefy data, calculate diversity and plot the results.

The SSDM package also provides a user-friendly interface.

In other words, the distance between each point and the focus point are the true distances given in the distance matrix.

Rd | 115 ---- readr-1.1.0/readr/man/read_delim_chunked. All other points are plotted around this central point at their exact distances to the point, as given in the distance matrix.

For more details, see = 3.3.1) Imports: htmlwidgets, gr Devices License: GNU General Public License Encoding: UTF-8 Lazy Data: true Roxygen Note: 5.0.1 Needs Compilation: no Packaged: 2017-03-22 UTC; admin Author: Lea Urpa [cre], Simon Anders [aut] Maintainer: Lea Urpa Package benford.analysis updated to version with previous version 0.1.4 dated 2016-05-08 Title: Benford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics Description: Provides tools that make it easier to validate data using Benford's Law.