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Getting married after 6 months of dating

We did live-together for a year and she had an engagement ring on that whole year. Neither of us has ever had a moment of regret or wished we had taken more time. I wouldn't recommend it for people in their 20's but we are living proof that it can work.

I knew my wife for 1 week (yes, I said 1) and ask her to marry me. We were both older and had been in several long term relationships over the years. We knew what we wanted, what we didn't want, and neither of us had any interest in getting into the long term rut of simply living together, again, without making a real commitment.If a girl's been with a guy for a long enough time, everyone starts asking her when he'll propose.I hate when others try to impose their deadlines on people.I think being engaged 6-12 months at least is a great time to get to know the person you are going to marry and then you are free to work out the tough questions about values, religion, children, how to handle communication and harder times, where to live - and planning a wedding together will make or break you.I knew my husband for 10 months before he proposed and we lived together for 8 of those 10 months.Marriage with the right person can be a good thing, but I don't think its something that should be rushed or taken lightly. My fiance proposed after one year but I know of a few people who got engaged after only 6 months and are still happy.

Of all the people I dated or spent time with, I knew what they were like in 3 months or less. A good friend of mine's parents got engaged after only 6 weeks and were married within 90 days. A friend of mine recently proposed to his girlfriend, which came as a huge surprise to me b/c they just met 6 months ago!

I know one guy who waited 2 years to make sure and she ruined him anyway. So I'm interested on hearing some different perspectives on you think? People spend their entire lives trying to figure out what career they should pursue and yet they commit their life to a person they've known less than a year? I would have to spend at least a year with someone including living with them before I could be sure that I'd want to spend THE REST OF MY LIFE with them.

Part of the problem is the pressure other people put on you.

We aren't alike, but we share the same dreams and values.

Communication is always the thing you have to just work out - doesn't matter what you fight about, rather how you fight.

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