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When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Damien leans back against the tree, and pulls out his thick uncut cock.Pointing it straight up towards the sky, he starts pissing on himself, soaking his work pants and torso.

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Once Luke is don Tommy and Mario are stuck working on a Saturday, and they are in head to head competition to be the best in the sales department.They have little interest in the island scenery however; they are focused on each other.The action is int The World in Gonzo - Episode Two Stag Homme brings you the second episode of its new original series, "The World in Gonzo"."Spunk" stars Adrian Toledo and Damien Crosse in this colorful and vibrant fuck flick that features plenty of hot rimming, sucking, oral cumshots and watersports as well as scorching hot fucking.And of course a feature called Spunk has got to have plenty This is one of the more fun shoots we've done.This video marks the return of Twink favorite Lucky Taylor - who may have changed his hair over the last few years, but not his naughty on-screen ways. GORDON originally contacted me because he needed cash. He liked how easy I am to work with, so he comes back once in a while to let a lucky cocksucker swing on that massive schlong.

Here he's teamed with Julian Kolp in an extra naughty bareback encounter that makes for qutie the homec Damien Crosse kneels down before a Spanish cop with a quite large piece of Iberian meat. This time he brought his own straight Ethan Ever, 23 years old has got a handsome face with a smile to match, a great ass, a huge perfectly shaped cock.

Shot at night on the streets of Madrid Maykel Cash and for the first time on Stag bodybuilder Robin Sanchez go at it hiding behind cars Aybars and D. find themselves kissing, groping, sucking and hungry for more manaction in this video.

David V then jumps right in and gets busy fellating both Aybars and D. The men then position themselves with David V in the middle while D. is behin From his muscular body to his tattooed forehead, Francois has a look that inspires both interest and hard-ons.

In this video, he pisses all over himself on a roof.

He undresses first, revealing the expanse of his bulging biceps and the ripple of his abs. We hope you're sure, because once you've taken some of Mario Costa's 11 inch tube steak, there's really no going back.

Tommy and Donny sink to their knees and take turns sucking Damien's chubby cock, juicing it up with spit.