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He didn’t have a regular job and paid rent only when he could afford it.After our split I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom.

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He was divorced and like me valued a close bond but didn’t want anything permanent.It was only a year ago that I allowed myself to fall in love properly.I’m very glad that my relationship now is based on parity and my rewards are genuine love and affection, instead of brown envelopes and Prada shopping trips.We drank dirty martinis in his fancy hotel piano bar, chatting about the forthcoming U. elections and the economy, and laughing about American-English anomalies.Suddenly he asked what it would take “to carry the night on,” and before I knew it I had accepted money to spend the night with someone. He held back because he said he “wanted to see me again.”He became my first sugar daddy.Tired of guys her own age, Helen Croydon joined a dating site ‘where the classy, attractive and affluent meet.’ But she was horrified to find herself hooked on monetary compensation and first-class trips. Physically I find a face with experience attractive. It wasn’t until 2007, when at 29 I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, that I decided to explore my guilty fantasy of dating an older, wiser, more worldly type. He wanted to do everything together, and I’ve always loved time alone.

My early crushes were always for suited-and-booted executive-looking types. My friends all seemed to drool over churlish boy-band types.

Commitment and longevity are wonderful, but not every relationship has to be based on that all the time.

The fantasy games category isn't a small one, as the only requirement is to transport the user to another world beyond what she could see from her front windows.

My dates told me that around half the women on the site make references to “monthly allowances” or “rent” in their opening messages. I fancied him and we clicked, but neither of us made great efforts to see each other again. Given that I didn’t want a committed relationship and that I was genuinely attracted to these men, what was the harm in accepting payment for what I was already doing for free?

Put like that, when my next date, an attractive advertising exec from Chicago, made an indecent proposal, it didn’t seem so indecent.

I didn’t want another serious relationship, but I didn’t want one night stands—yuck.