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Early warning signs of dating abuse

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When this happens, the intent of the batterer is to keep the victim isolated and trapped at home.

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A victim may believe that they could not make it on their own or that they are somehow better off with the abuser as part of their life.When there are frequent injuries seen by others, the victim may talk about being clumsy, or have elaborate stories of how the injuries occurred.In other cases, bruises and other outward injuries may be inflicted in places where the injuries won't show.Our experience tells us that even if you only said yes to one or two, that these behaviors tend to multiply and get worse over time.Please call us to see if the situation you’re in is safe and what you can do to make it more so 937-498-7261.The following are examples of a person's behavior or personality that may be that warning.

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may be at risk – please call 937-498-7261 to speak with a domestic violence advocate.

Conflicts with co-workers, friends, relatives, and neighbors can create a lot of anxiety.

For many, it is easier to give in to whatever someone else wants than to challenge it.

If you think your spouse or partner is abusive, or you suspect that someone you know is in an abusive relationship, review the red flags and other information on domestic abuse and violence covered in this article.

Recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of spousal abuse is the first step, but taking action is the most important step in breaking free.

If you see this happening, or the person is frequently late, this could be a sign of something (such as relationship violence) occurring.