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Dj zinhle and aka dating

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South African rapper AKA and his girlfriend who’s also his DJ, DJ Zinhle are currently expecting a child.

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“I have dealt with this and found peace with his choice,” DJ Zinhle continued.Although Dj Zinhle didn’t say anything concerning the pregnancy on any social media, she tweeted a photo of herself with a caption “date night with the king” she also re-tweeted AKA’s tweet thanking his fans for their congratulatory messages. Think about it, having parents who are both big in the music industry.AKA also used the opportunity to ask his fans to vote for him for the Metro awards saying if not for him they should do it for the baby….smart AKA.File: DJ Zinhle said, in a statement released on her website on Thursday, that she found out AKA was involved in an affair with Bonang a week before she was due to give birth to her one-month-old daughter with him, Kairo.Photo: Instagram JOHANNESBURG - DJ and entrepreneur, DJ Zinhle revealed to fans that the reason she and rapper AKA broke up was because he cheated on her with presenter Bonang Matheba.She released a statement on Thursday dismissing the rumors as “allegations.” She also claimed is not dating anyone at the moment and threatened to get lawyers involve.

Talking about baby mama drama, Dj Zinhle and AKA has got it all.

Rapper AKA goes on a twitter rant attacking his baby mama Dj Zinhle claiming that she is making a carrier out of shading him, recently after weighing Euphonik and Dj Zinhle’s relationship .

”Why the fuck should I protect the mother of my child when she is making a career out of shading me? The Mega thinks that Dj Zinhle seems to be jealous of his relationship with Bonang and she was suppose to act like a grown up as he did for the past one year.

Anele, who did not hold back, spoke to Zinhle about the possibility of Bonang becoming Kairo's step-mom."If AKA and Bonang do get married and she has to become Kairo's step-mom, you fine with that," asked Anele.

Also read: DJ Zinhle confirms that she has a bae: 'He is so amazing'Zinhle replied with a simple "ja," to which Anele said "as long as she shows that she loves Kairo?

The implication being that the pain of her first tattoo wasn't as bad as the emotional turmoil that she was going through, whereas the new, small one was so sore, hurting more than her current emotional state.