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Deal your parents dating after divorce

We want you to know that we’re struggling and trying to make sense of all this.As we sort through it all, there may be times when we press you for more information.

Expect that we may feel a little shell shocked by your news.Also when holidays come up, we hope you will keep in mind how hard it is for us to divide our time.Whenever you can be creative about celebrations or willing to share special events, it helps.We’d like to know we’re more important to you than the anger and upset you have with each other.You might think the cutting remarks or jokes you make about one another are funny but they’re not.Please do your best to see the good in one another instead of always expecting the worst.

You may not realize it now but your divorce will also impact our future.

Now when you get sick or need someone to depend on, you won’t have each other. It would help if you could spend some time thinking about your future.

Barbara Brooks expected her adult kids, Amy and Bryan (names have been changed), to be happy for her.

It makes us feel uncomfortable when you go on and on about how ridiculous Dad’s new girlfriend is or the subtle comments you make about how Mom looks like she’s gained some weight.

Because we love you we might let it slide or even play along, but over time we will see you as bitter and we’ll resent it.

When you were married you were a support system for each other.