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Dating your ex tips

Little did I know that he – show as 23 and had already had three relationships – probably knew it wasn’t going to last.It’s really had to get over your first ex, and it’s also really hard to get over anyone who meant a lot to you.

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Do Something He Disliked All the time you were with him, there would have been something that he disliked doing, and this dislike pretty much stopped you from doing it, too.Stop Following Him Online The first thing we immediately do when we’re dumped is go online to see what they’re up to.We’re curious to know if they’re suffering as much as we are, and whether they’re going through torture day and night.Keep Busy Another good tip on how to get over your ex boyfriend is to simply keep busy.We all have familiar patterns that we fall into when things don’t go our way.It’s tough when relationships break up, and both partners are left picking up the pieces.

Just as you’re suffering and finding that every single thing reminds you of them, they’re suffering too.

And so it’s pretty wrenching when we see that they’re out partying tonight while we’ve just bought a cargo-load of tissues.

Stop hurting yourself even more and block him from Facebook.

Use The Experience To Your Advantage You’ve made mistakes in your life. Or do you analyse where you went wrong and tell yourself that you’ll do better next time around? Look back on your relationship and think about everything you learned.

Perhaps it turned out that you wasted your time dating someone incompatible with you.

The first time I got dumped was a real eye-opener; I’d literally never experienced such feelings of loss before. I honestly thought we were going to be together forever.