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Dating startups

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However, after conducting numerous interviews and experiments with recruiters, I observed that industry experience is almost always taken into consideration when screening a CV.

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I have applied for quite a few jobs in my life myself, but it never occurred to me that the main reason for getting rejected may have been the lack of experience in a particular industry.The main motivation for Match My Thesis to collaborate with Relink is for their product to become more scalable i.e. Integrating machine learning into the current applicant selection system to make the prescreening process faster, easier, and better, can be one valuable way of scaling up.It’s gonna be great seeing how Relink’s API can be used for different purposes and how things evolve in the future. We at team science really enjoy writing about Deep Learning and Tensor Flow!Last week, we announced our next dating industry event – a one-day conference similar to our previous London & Amsterdam events, and a brand new startup competition, Spotlight on Startups.The new event will see the most exciting and innovative new dating startups battle each other to be named the GDI Spotlight winner.We are really excited about collaborating with these guys, as Relink and Match My Thesis have a lot in common.

Such as the main value creation of matching people to jobs or thesis topics, respectively. Well, according to Kris, it was him who approached Ståle on Linked In this summer, when looking for contacts in the Norwegian market.

The API would probably not be used it in its original form for recruiting for their own company to start with.

They rather actually want to use it for automatizing their own system of matching companies’ topics with student applications for thesis topics.

Throughout the event, there will be breaks for food, drinks and networking, and after all the finalists have pitched to the room, and been asked questions by attendees & experts, the audience will decide who wins by public vote.

The startup competition, which runs from 7pm — 9pm on 27th October, will be held at The Singer Tavern near Old Street, and will be followed by an after party.

For the competition, there are two categories: early stage and growth stage.