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Dating sale

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His past business success stories include heat-sensitive T-shirts — sold for £8 million when he was in his early twenties — and turning around and then selling most of Pipex for £330 million in 2007 when he was 40. These are all things I've heard on sales calls — because dating and sales are the same thing.

This lead could just see you as a really good resource.From honeymoon phases to ghosting, the similarities are obvious.Regardless of the state of your love life, recognizing the parallels between sales and dating can help you become better at your role in both.And part of being open is following up consistently.In dating, people get weird about this because they're afraid of looking needy.Look past the surface, and figure out what it will actually be like to work together once the excitement of a new relationship wears off.

There's a lot of bad advice out there about dating. No one wants on their epitaph "Here lies Brittni Kinney. He hasn't made a single sale, but thank goodness we don't look desperate! You want this company's business — what's so awful about that?

But a relationship-defining talk doesn't mean you're necessarily compatible.

Sure, while the prospect may have the budget and you have sales goals to hit, to say, "I want to work with your company because you've got a huge budget," is a lot like saying, "I want to date you because you're hot." Whether it's your biological clock or your end-of-month sales goal looming, you may be tempted to settle.

Peter Dubens, the quiet London entrepreneur who brought colour-changing T-shirts to Britain in the Eighties and cemented his fortune with internet firm Pipex, today showed he still has the Midas touch, as he pocketed €129 million (£108 million) by selling a stake in a German dating website.

Dubens’ AIM-listed fund Oakley Capital sold more than half its 86% stake in Parship Elite to German broadcaster Pro Sieben Sat.1.

Today’s deal means the stake — bought 16 months ago — has more than doubled in value.