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Dating psycolgist

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People have always been drawn towards discussing their relationships and other personal problems with me, even strangers, and not even long after meeting me!

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‘Virtual’ communication has become the norm and there are new dating traps to avoid but lots of new and exciting experiences to sample. Best known as a relationship coach, psychologist and author, frequently sought as a relationship expert by mainstream media and large corporations with clients including BBC TV, ITV, UKTV, BBC Radio, Kenco, Telegraph, Micron Technology, Kimberly-Clark, and many more.People describe me as sincere, motivational, warm and down to earth.It seems that Aussies are shirking their interpersonal responsibility by hiding behind the anonymity of an app.They feel like they have less emotional skin in the game and are forgetting that people have feelings, which shows a real lack of empathy.Hemmings also advises making sure you have something to go on to afterwards. If they mirror your movements or put their hands on their hips, Hemmings says that’s probably a good sign.

I am also proud to be Elite Singles ‘Partner Psychologist’.

As psychologist Jo Hemmings explains: “Right now, talking about politics is probably a huge mistake.

“It always was but I think at the moment you’re asking for trouble”.

To help you through this new romantic landscape, psychologist and e Harmony relationships expert, Melanie Shilling shares her top tips on entering the dating scene again and some of the new traps to avoid.

The first problem I see with the new digital dating age is lack of congruence.

I firmly believe that simple solutions work best and that’s how I want to help the world at large, by simplifying things for them in a world of information and pressure overload.