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Dating p38 pistol

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This pistol had a very high weight, and recoil spring was difficult, and not reliable.

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He also decided that the design and construction of the new pistol would have to improve upon the negative factors of the P08 Luger.Finally in November 1942, the production of the P38 began at Mauser.At the end of December 1942, Mauser delivered its' first 700 pistols with the code byf 42.The PPK frame used far less materials to make it, since it did not have a back strap. Walthers' next design incorporated an enclosed hammer, as well as a free floating barrel (the army demanded a free floating barrel for reliability).The backs trap was performed by the plastic wrap around grips. This new pistol was known as the Walther AP (armee-pistole).This oversized PP had a locking system with a rotating barrel.

However all of these designs were rejected, because of the high prices, as well as weight.

These started with the serial numbers 01-013000, and below is pictured an example of one of these Zero-series P38s.

These were the very first military P38s, and only 13,000 were made between April 1939 and March 1940.

In June, 1940 the Army issued orders to the Mauser, Obendorf to cease production of the P08 Luger, and begin to produce the P38.

The leadership at the Mauser plant was not in favor of this change, and the production of the P08 Luger continued up until 1942.

On April 26, 1940 official test were completed, and the army ordered 410,600 P38s.