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Dating norms in other countries

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Her expectations may be because she is successful and attractive, but it got me thinking, “What can guys learn about dating customs from other cultures? S.’s influence on other cultures, dating customs in other cultures tends to be more traditional. Perhaps it’s because there are refined dating customs we could learn from.Here are 8 dating customs in other cultures we should follow: 1.

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Men in France are more relaxed and not afraid of girls. Maybe this is why women find the French to be enticing.Women aren’t tormented by this in France as men and women clearly state their interest, or lack there of.Shutterstock The French may be advanced with romantic communication, but in some ways they’re still traditional.Source: Shutterstock Although one-on-one dating is shunned, a form of online dating has risen in Iran.Via certain online services, many people enter into relationships that are carried on like temporary or trial marriages, instead of dating.A woman pursuing a man is so frowned upon in France that even the slightest attention from a woman—from a simple hello—is looked at as an invitation for a man to make a move.

Shutterstock The very casual tone of everything in Australia extends to dating.

In China, first impressions count and “it’s not uncommon for parents and grandparents to set their children up on blind dates with suitable matches they’ve found.” In Mexico, “you are not only dating the man/woman, but you are dating the family…” In Armenian culture, it’s important both sets of parents get along before the relationship gets serious. Yes, you do ask the father And not just for his blessing in marriage.

Even in cultures where family opinion may not take precedent, friend compatibility is important. In Mexico, “one common expectation is getting the father’s approval [for dating] since he is the head of the household.” Some naysayers will say this is because societies are patriarchal, but in reality, most cultures are simply family oriented.

This is prevalent among people under the age of 30.

But the service is strict: people get to meet three times, supervised, and upon the third time they must decide to marry or never see each other again.

Family Matters In the US, our dating custom is to bring a girl home to meet the parents and friends only when the relationship becomes serious.