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Hinge decided to overhaul their app, but how different can it be?

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The company is now focused on using their algorithm to create relationships.“The data we released just confirms that it’s true.Swiping apps encourage us to ‘keep playing’ in the hopes of increasing user engagement, and in turn, advertising revenue.They sync with your Facebook page and present options.Then, you choose a potential partner based on appearance and a few random facts, start messaging, and maybe, just maybe, meet up.Not everyone on swiping apps is looking for a relationship, but we hope that those who are will download the new .

The new app is simply more effective at connecting people meaningfully, and was tailor-made for people who want more than swiping games.” So, if you’re looking for more than the opportunity to glance at the opposite sex on your lunch break, Hinge might be the app for you.

(And, full disclosure, a former Hinge date once sent me the article on Facebook.) New Hinge aims to tell more of a story.

For example, a typical profile will boast a list of go-to karaoke songs, Snapchat usernames and emojis as descriptors.

But following extensive research into dating apps, they found many people were lying about being single, and most users were never meeting or even exchanging numbers.

While 18 percent of users found significant others using dating apps, the rest are left endlessly swiping.

It immediately syncs up with Facebook to gather all of the basic information and pictures, but it’s more similar to an Ok Cupid profile than a Tinder account.