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Ice Cream - Soulshaker Remix - 9A - 126 - Organ Bass House Ice Cream - Diamm Remix - 12A - 125 - Big Room House Ice Cream - Alinari Dub Mix - 2A - 128 - Progressive House Ice Cream - Alinari Remix - 2A - 128 - Progressive House Ice Cream - So Cool Network Remix - 6A - 125 - Club Dance var testimonials = new function() tips Init = function() ; var big Screen = new function() { var sidebar; var testimonial; var nav2; var mobile Control; = function(e) = function() { var line2 = " \"M2M always keeps my CD box eclectic & happening with upfront chunky beats way before anyone else has them.A user friendly site, with high quality MP3's & helpful staff.

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Diamm has delivered a mix that most of the tastemakers are getting excited about right now.But no harassment haha, I love having fun but not with those who only want x. Hi this site hasn't verified my account yet so I can actually doing nothing here...But no harassment haha, I love having fun but not with those who only want x. I've used several other promo companies and by far I'm the most pleased with your data presentation, follow up of charts and reviews, length of promo support, and customer service.All for a great price.\" Keith Thompson\"Im really liking the interface of your promotion service. Glad to be a part of the family...\" Ron Reeser - Ultra Records, Jetset Music Group\"Hey guys, I'd like to thank you for the great work you've done with Spaced Invader.ORGAN BASS HOUSE - BIG ROOM HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - FREAKTONE.

Love the play on words with the chorus on this, check it out and you'll see, very cheeky and perfect for the dance floor plus your dance shows.

\" Fred Tackett (Little Feat) - RCOLEMUSIC LLC USA\"I think that M2R has to be one of the best and most cost effective ways of getting one of your tracks out there on to international specialist radio land.

The reaction process is simple and informative though the innovative website, and the adjacent reporting which...\" Dehasse\"M2R is a truly exceptional service for record labels looking to get their music exposed in the media. M2R are simply the best when it comes to servicing DJs and radio stations.

We wholeheartedly recommend this site to anybody who wishes to promote their music in the most efficient way. \" Cory Conley, Northcross Media\"Without M2M i wouldn't be able to do such great mixes and mash ups for my show on Ministry of Sound Radio.

Forget blind CD mail-outs that lead nowhere, M2M IS the way for it...\" Andromeda\/Mighty Flask, Frooty Collective\/Frooty Records\"Wow - I'm impressed! I wish the promoters here in the US would get their acts together and present the feedback info like you do. Its easy to use and always has the biggest tracks for djs and radio stations to pump out! some of them are also thanking you M2M for supplying good music.\" Solomon - Inevitable Records\"In an industry that is undergoing such a drastic change it is really encouraging to see a new model such as Kings of Spins which makes marketing and promotion an affordable option.\" Kontrol Records UK - Robert de Fresnes\"Awesome job! Being a Mix Show DJ heard nation wide in the US on Cable TV and a few internet stations, I was finding it hard to find quality tracks from record labels that put the extra effort into promoting themselves and keeping dance...\" Monsta\"With Mash It Up I sent the track to Judge Jules by all obvious routes via Dylan, Judge etc.. Jules picked...\" Joseph Stopps, Mo Fo Hi Fi \"M2R is one of my most important factors in my quest of pushing and promoting the music for Wasted Youth.

It is a total floorfiller certain to get you fully supporting this great package.