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SMS uses the SMS_file that is stored in the SMS site database to create the appropriate Advanced Client policy for Advanced Clients.

When the Software Inventory Client Agent runs on Legacy Clients, it uses the inventory rules to collect only the requested inventory data.SMS can collect a comprehensive inventory that includes all the information about all the files from all the client's hard disk drives, it can collect information from a narrow set of files, or it can collect information from a single file.You can restrict the file information that is collected to certain details, and you can restrict the inventory collection to specific file names or specific file extensions by using wildcards and environment variables.How Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory Work Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory Throughout the Site Hierarchy Benefits of Hardware Inventory Benefits of Software Inventory You can enable or disable hardware inventory or the software inventory for an SMS site.When either feature is enabled for the site, you can configure it to accommodate your organization's requirements.Avaya Aura® Agent Desktop The agent and supervisor client is used for agent handling of multimedia= contacts and voice contacts, and is an entitlement in AACC SIP as well as = AACC AML multimedia implementations.

Agent Desktop Display The ADD application optionally provides real-time skillset monitoring on= agent desktops.

The hardware inventory feature collects data from client computers by querying several data stores on client computers such as the registry and the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes.

Hardware inventory does not query for all possible WMI classes, but it does provide approximately 1,500 hardware properties that include data such as the device ID of a tape drive, the manufacturer of a CD-ROM drive, the current size of the registry, and the primary partition of a disk.

Administrators can customize software inventory rules, so SMS collects software information needed by the organization.

SMS uses these inventory rules to create the appropriate Advanced Client policy for Advanced Clients.

You can further narrow the inventory collection by excluding specific disk drives, specific directories, and compressed or encrypted files.