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Dating a kabar

Generally I don't collect "as new" pieces since I prefer knives that seem to have some use (I know, that use may have been Uncle Charlie carrying it when he was hunting) and most of my "keepers" came directly from the vet or their family.

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I never noticed a star on that particular knife but it could very well be a difference of when it was made.The parkerizing is in excellent shape and still has the sparkly crystal look to it. Are there any markings stamped on the blade by the cross guard. m1ashooter There isn't anything stamped on the blade. I also picked up a blade marked M3 in comparable condition with sparkly park for $150. My Marine knife has a leather scabbard with "Fuosco" scratched on the back.The blade just has some rub marks from the scabbard. I am just a beginning WWII collector and trying to get any info I can. I have one that is stamped KA-BAR on one side and USN MK2 on the other without stamps on the cross guard, another with a polished blade that is stamped USN on one side and KA-BAR on the other USMC and KA-BAR. When I was a kid we used to buy these and Camillus at the Army/Navy store for about $1.00 apiece, used them for abalone irons and diving knives.I picked up a new US NAVY Ka Bar knife that seems too good to be true. showforum=53I picked it up from an old friend for $100.I am wondering if it can possibly be unissued and if it's worth anything. I know it is a bit but being a Navy Vet I fell in love with it. I think that there were a lot more knives made than scabbards.I was thinking neetsfoot oil but didn't want to do anything until someone with experience chimes in. It is not uncommon for the leather handles to be in somewhat lesser condition than the metal as the blade would be protected by the sheath while the leather would be exposed to outside conditions.

Depending on conditions of temperature and humidity, leather can dry out and deteriorate.

The Kbars we are or were issued (been retired for awhile) had plain wider scabbards, that were also more heavy duty then the scabbard pictured.

The knife itself would not USMC on it like that, all the originals I have just have the makers name on them.

Some say Vietnam, but also very similar to ones that the desert war Marines were carrying. Older ones don't have the EGA on the scabbard and use staples instead of rivets.

These Kbars are sold in the PX and by knife venders, they are not the ones issued to Marines.

All that being said, if you are happy with it, that is all that matters. Is there anything I can put on the handle without swelling it or oil soaking it and destroying it.