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Dating a blood gang member

Girls whose boyfriends spent time in jail were also more likely to become pregnant.Along with unwanted pregnancies, other associated issues that stem from dating a gang member range from: domestic violence, gambling, violent behavior, and involvement with drugs and alcohol.

”Tips for Girls:· Avoid associating and starting a romantic relationship with a known gang member.· Get involved in extra-curricular activities e.g.Our society often glamorizes this lifestyle in movies, television shows, and music videos.Mass media has a way of conveying a message that makes this way of life attractive which can entice a young girl’s desire to date a gang member for all of the wrong reasons.Scotland Yard has run an advertising campaign warning women of the consequences of carrying guns for their boyfriends.Senior officers have also highlighted rising numbers of rapes involving multiple attackers.sports, clubs, volunteer work, a parttimejob,faith groups.

Etc.· Maintain an honest relationship with your parents by keeping lines of communication open.· Seek a mentor or a positive role model that you can look up to.· Set life goals and aspirations for yourself (e.g.

Often times dating a gang member can lead to gang membership, gang involvement, and abuse.

According to a recent study by researchers at RTI International, teenage girls whose boyfriends are gang members are nearly twice as likely to have unwanted pregnancies as those not dating boys involved with gangs.

The findings were contained in a report into the impact of youth violence on girls by social policy think tank Race On The Agenda.

Author Carlene Firmin said many women linked to young criminal networks live in areas not perceived to have a ‘gang problem’.

Gangsters often keep their girlfriends in the dark about their criminal activity to protect them from reprisals and detection.