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Couple meets after 5 years of dating

Who cares how long you are engaged, as long as you give it some time before you are actually married. Monday, April 14, 2008, AM We met each other at an insanely busy time in our lives, never even had the chance to go on a date til I moved in with him (3 months after we met - it was supposed to be a temp situation) and I'd say right about 4 or 5 months after we met, we realized we were actually married in our hearts regardless of how little we had actually 'dated'.I thought I was going to marry my high school boyfriend and we were together for 2 years. Sunday, April 13, 2008, PM We were friends for a couple of years before we started dating and then dated for almost 10 months before we got engaged. We got engaged 9 months after that (because the suspense was driving our families insane ;-) ) and married ~1 year after getting engaged.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008, PM We were a blind date, both separated from our first spouses about 2 years. At that point though we couldn't have felt more married, so there was no rush to prove it with some jewelry and a piece of paper. Monday, April 14, 2008, AM My fiance and I, like one of the prior posters, met very young.We dated through junior high and high school, broke up around the first year of college, then got back together for another two years before getting engaged.In the time we were apart, though, I dated a few guys.Just six months ago, things seemed to be going extremely well between the couple. 18, the actress was inappropriately touched by a fan during a trip to Australia.A 29-year-old man named, Nedal Lakmas shocked Sarah when he grabbed her breast at the party — an event celebrating the fact that the cast is filming in Australia.I think life experience had somethig to do with the fast track though.

I would never have been able to make that kind of decision in my 20's.

If he sees you hairy and smelly and still wants to marry you, he's a keeper! Neither of us are in a hurry to get married; but we know that we will eventually.

:) Monday, April 14, 2008, PM I've been dating my bf for almost 7 yrs now. Monday, April 14, 2008, PM Well let's see I have been married and divorced twice i am now engaged for 3 years now lol..first I met him when I was 16 a few weeks before my 17 birthday..was 26 2 weks before his 27 ..anyway I ended up finding out I was pregnant on my 18 birthday had a daughter then 14 months later had another daughter.this is now like 3 years..

How long did you date your spouse before getting engaged/married, or how long did you date before knowing you would marry them? We met young and dated 7 years before we married BUT I always thought, had we met when we were older (like the age when we married - late 20's) our 'dating' time would've been much, much shorter. Hmmm...there's no real right or wrong, although in the early stages you're still kind of responding to the lust factor, that chemical high that only occurs in new relationships.

Doesn't invalidate it, mind you - it happens to people all the time - they just know.

His tweet about the incident was definitely shocking, but it’s understandable why Matt is so upset.