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Consolidating loans in south africa

A combination of far reaching branch infrastructure, mobile consultants and call centres, enables them to touch many lives.Through the commitment and depth of experience of the shareholders, board and management team, Bayport South Africa has been able to embrace the opportunities presented by the National Credit Act (NCA) and an increasingly vibrant unsecured credit market.

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You can apply online for any of our personal loans.This makes it allot easier for you to keep track of your finances and on top of that the debt consolidation company will negotiate the repayment rates and terms with your creditors for you and all of this will tremendously assist you in getting out of debt.Anyone can get into debt so easily and without strict financial management, you can find yourself in debt very quickly.We understand that being in debt can be very stressful and affect you and your family.Our debt consolidation could be your best debt solution if you are over-indebted!These loans help to consolidate all their debt under one loan, so instead of having for example 10 creditors to pay you only have 1 instalment to pay.

The debt consolidation company basically lends you the money and settle all your outstanding debts for you with your creditors.

Debt review protects your credit profile, assets and you from credit providers taking legal action against you.

While debt rescue helps you become debt free in a risk-free, effective way!

The Old Mutual Money Account offers you two accounts.

A fully transactional SWIPE Account* to do everyday purchases and a SAVE Account** to invest your savings.

You see, it was designed for individuals who pretty much have a handle on their debts, but who would benefit from a clean, simplified repayment process, for the honest purpose of making their lives easier.