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Communicator status not updating outlook 2016

communicator status not updating outlook 2016-86

You may receive the following message when setting up Outlook integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The server has requested to run Microsoft. This is due to a security setting on the Exchange Server.

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If one of these error messages persists or the error message changes to an Outlook Integration error, follow the steps in the scenario in this article that is most appropriate to the error.Instead, we recommend that you change the Web service size back to an appropriate level after a full synchronization. These errors can occur if Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services are not set up with the correct SPNs and delegation information.They can also occur if the Web Service path is not set correctly in the Connection tab.The application server may time out if the amount of data is too large.One way to allow a full synchronization is to change the timeout setting in the configuration file: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office If you are synchronizing using the Web services connection, the maximum size of the Web service can be changed.We are currently still using the Office Communicator 2007 R2 (Version 3.5. First, Outlook was not working properly with Communicator; did some research and I found out that I need to change the Default Instant Messenger Application with Outlook 2013 to "Communicator" instead of "Lync" in the Registry Keys.... Now the issue I am experiencing is that I always get "Presence Unknown" in Outlook for the "Sender" of the email Only.

All the other people copied in the email are fine...

For more information, see Knowledge Base article 944237: How to enable the log file mode for the Outlook Synchronization feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 (requires Partner Source login).

Synchronizing large amounts of data may cause issues with the connection through the application server and Web services.

So the "Sender" only is showing as "Presence Unknown".

Even If I click Reply or Reply All, the status of the Sender remains "Presence Unknown".

However, you may want to verify that the activation is valid. In large environments with hundreds of contacts, it may be necessary to set conditions to limit the data that is to be synchronized to every salesperson who has a mailbox that is configured for Outlook synchronization.