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Colonial dating in 1776

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Purchasing a store, becoming a county surveyor, and winning a variety of town offices, Sherman prospered and assumed leadership in the community.In 1749 he married Elizabeth Hartwell, by whom he had seven children.

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In 1787 he represented his state at the Constitutional Convention, and attended practically every session.To solve economic problems, at both national and state levels, he advocated high taxes rather than excessive borrowing or the issuance of paper currency.While in Congress, Sherman remained active in state and local politics, continuing to hold the office of judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, as well as membership on the council of safety (1777-79).There, he managed two stores, one that catered to Yale students, and another in nearby Wallingford.He also became a friend and benefactor of Yale College, and served for many years as its treasurer.Somehow he also eked out time to publish an essay on monetary theory and a series of almanacs incorporating his own astronomical observations and verse.

In 1761, Sherman abandoned his law practice, and moved to New Haven.

Some fragments of the statue escaped the bullet mold and, having gone through various adventures, remain today - some in private hands and others in museums. became Secretary of the United States Treasury in 1795-1800 and the first Governor of Connecticut (1817- 1827) under the Constitution.

It is possible that other pieces will turn up and that even the head, last seen in London in 1777, still exists. 1776 Oliver Wolcott Bibliography 1776-Roger Sherman 1721-93, American political leader, born in Newton, Mass.

Without benefit of a formal legal education, he was admitted to the bar in 1754 and embarked upon a distinguished judicial and political career.

In the period 1755-61, except for a brief interval, he served as a representative in the colonial legislature and held the offices of justice of the peace and county judge.

He was elected to the State Council while also serving as judge of the court of common pleas and judge of probate for Litchfield.