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Code geass dating game

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After placing the Secret Division under his control with Geass, Lelouch blackmails Villeta into his servitude.Later, Suzaku tests Lelouch's memories by putting him on the phone with Nunnally.

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His plan fails when Rolo uses his Geass and stops Lelouch's sense of time.The academy throws a festival to welcome Suzaku's return and C.C's attendance causes a series of events as Lelouch tries to hide her presence.R2 takes place a year after the events of the first series.The coup d'état by the Black Knights, led by the protagonist, Lelouch vi Britannia, ended in failure and resulted in Lelouch's capture and brainwashing.The secret service that were monitoring Lelouch reveal themselves and attempt to capture C.

C.; She restores Lelouch's memories allowing him to use Geass to kill his enemies and resume his role as Zero, the masked leader of the Black Knights.

Lelouch directs the Black Knights to counterattack against the Britannian army and reconciles with Kallen Stadtfeld.

The Black Knights are overwhelmed by the Knightmare Frame Vincent, but are able to collapse Babel Tower in time to retreat to the Chinese Federation consulate, forcing the Britannian army to retreat.

Britannian reinforcements hinder the Black Knights' assault and Suzaku manages to retrieve Nunnally.

Nunnally is sworn in as the new Viceroy and announces the restoration of the SAZOJ.

Elsewhere, Suzaku Kururugi declares to Emperor Charles zi Britannia and the Knights of the Round that Zero is his responsibility to kill.