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Choi daniel dating

It’s the first time I’m seeing Bo A in a drama, and I thought her acting was pretty okay. That sometimes, feelings can change, and that sometimes, we can’t help it.

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Teaching the class is a relationship instructor named Philip (Oh Jung Se) and he shows the infamous clip on the projector of the "Octopus Girl" pelting her ex-boyfriend with octopus legs, and dousing him with water.It turns out that Jin Gook was just trying to find out information on Yeon Ae, that he is crazy about her after all.Later, in a nice scene in a children's playground they confess that they like each other."Now everyone will be texting you and not me, it will help you to help others", he laughs and drives away.Almost immediately Gi Dae is bothered with constant text rings from students asking for his dating advice!Both couples end up at the same seaside hotel for a weekend on a brief vacation.

Soon Gi Dae and Yeon Ae realize that they are both at the same resort with their partners. " he suggests, "in twenty minutes at the lighthouse!

" Both plan to make excuses to get away from their significant others -- uh oh! Each eventually reaches a lighthouse, but it turns out there are TWO lighthouses, and they both go to different ones.

They spend hours waiting for each other and both develop colds.

He helps her to find her next boyfriend - to look for someone nice and normal - not the heels.

She ends up tentatively dating Jin Gook but soon her past behavior of obsessiveness threatens that relationship too; she stalks him and mistrusts his every move.

Episode two resolves a lot of the romantic entanglements from episode one, and teaches all the characters some hard truths about themselves and life that they wouldn't (or couldn't) recognize earlier.