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Celebrate 100 days dating

Couples in Korea are always seen as one entity, doing everything together.

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Couple tees, passport holders, locks and many other couple merchandise are hot favorites.Our teacher also told us that Korean women whine a lot, and that their boyfriends think it’s cute… I find these social points to be fascinating and I also love people watching and I am quite good at it, if I may say so, which makes me a great researcher for this type of subject.We all know that relationships can be difficult, but if you’re Korean there are a set of values you should follow if you’re in a relationship.It is not a surprise to be in Seoul, shopping in Myeongdong or travelling anywhere else, and being surrounded by tons of couples.Korea has this unspoken rule about its speedy dating scene and it has become a culture overtime.As opposed to South Korea, in Singapore, we do not spot this Couple Culture trend.

This may be a good way to stimulate organic growth within our country.

I remember I have once waited at a traffic junction near my exchange university in Seoul, and I looked around me and counted the number of couples near me.

There were nine pairs of couples just within 5m radius of me.

Although this is just a theory of mine, I think I have observed Korean couples enough within the past 4-5 months to feel like it’s true. Korean women are viewed by Korean men as porcelain dolls- pretty, fragile, thin, soft, wholesome, virtuous, and extremely fair skinned. On the contrary, they strive to be very thin and soft, and not in any way muscular or tan. I’m not talking about a promise ring or matching bracelets, I’m talking about matching black and yellow PLAID jackets, or matching rugby shirts with matching shorts.

Women here don’t strive to achieve tanned, toned and athletic bodies that women in the U. As a result, I feel that if I were ever caught in a cat fight here in Korea, I could snap any of the women in half over my knee. When you see couples in public here, you will always find that the man has his arms around the woman, is carrying her purse, their shopping bags, and all the while she is wearing stiletto heels (I could write an entire post on Koreans wearing stilettos at all times of day, while sightseeing, and while wearing sweat pants, but I will save that for another day). (Jason and I actually play a game based on this phenomenon (thanks Britt!

This is definitely in stark contrast with the Westernised couple culture.