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Calvin harris single or dating

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In September 2010 following his elimination from NXT, Harris began a feud in FCW with Percy Watson when he attacked Watson while teaming with him in a tag team match, which led to Watson being pinned for the loss.

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On March 17 a live event in Madison Square Garden, Wyatt successfully defended the WWE Championship against John Cena in No Countout No Disqualification match. While Wyatt and Orton retained the Smack Down Tag Team Championship against the former champions on the December 6 episode of Smack Down Live, it was announced that The Wyatt Family invoked the Freebird Rule, thus allowing Harper to also defend the championship.On the December 27 episode of Smack Down Live, The Wyatt Family lost the Smack Down Tag Team Championship to American Alpha when Orton and Harper were defeated in a four corners elimination tag team match also involving The Usos and the team of Heath Slater and Rhyno.S." tank and just before they had the chance to make their red carpet appearance at the Emmys, Hiddleswift ended. After a year plus some of adorably-romantic Instagrams and PDA-filled award shows, Tayvin just recently called it quits.Multiple reports claim that it was Calvin who wanted to breakup.Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift, better known as Hiddleswift, was the love story that spanned the globe.

The couple met in New York, and then took their romance on the road (Rhode Island, Italy, Australia, and England to name a few stops), because their love knew no bounds. Two months after the world witnessed the legendary "I Heart T.

with Cena successfully resisting the urge to become a "monster" and overcoming interference from Harper and Rowan to defeat Wyatt at Wrestle Mania XXX, thus marking Wyatt's first pinfall loss on WWE's main roster.

The feud continued after Wrestle Mania XXX based on the story that Wyatt was capturing Cena's fanbase, which was exemplified by Wyatt leading a children's choir to the ring on the April 28 episode of Raw, with the children later putting on sheep masks.

Though this came as a *shock* heard 'round the world, I have a good feeling this is a "We are never ever ever getting back together" breakup.

Although this relationship was short-lived, it's a personal favorite of mine (and many others).

Harris passed his initiation, a lashing from the rest of the group, and was allowed to remain a member of The New Nexus, alongside Punk, Mc Gillicutty and David Otunga.