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Blind dating synopsis

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Hes one of the most popular guys in town, and is even an ace at basketball.

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The film also stars Jane Seymour, who plays Dannys psychologist and has a penchant for disrobing during their sessions together.Predictably, every date he arranges ends in disaster.But visits to eye specialist Dr Perkins (Stephen Tobolowsky) offer not one but two rays of hope.Watching him try to carry this film is like watching salmon jumping up waterfalls: you know they're ultimately doomed, but it's impossible not to respect their quixotic professionalism.Now he's better known as Captain James T Kirk and all set to live long and prosper, Pine can probably afford fire the agent who introduced him to this script.Images: View Images © 2004 Minds Eye One, All Rights Reserved The Can Magazine™ is a trademark of Minds Eye One All movie titles, movie icons, movie stills/clips/trailers/other media...

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Less a marriage than a family merger, Leeza - who in all other respects appears to be an ambitious modern lass - intends to go through with all this, despite kindly parents who don't seem at all the 'you have brought shame on our house' types who would object to her actually pursuing a little happiness.

This daytime TV melodrama reaches its ridiculous nadir in a scene where a post-surgery Danny staggers through darkened streets, having just learned his operation has not been fully successful and that he will shortly lose his sight again.

Given Larry's occupation as head of a limo company whose cars are exclusively for the use of ladies of the night as they entertain clients mid-ride, hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

If your idea of comedy gold involves a parade of unpleasant female stereotypes displaying every conceivable type of behaviour considered unattractive in women, there's a section in Blind Dating that will see you rocking with misconceived laughter.

Not an image from this writer's imagination but the scene that opens Blind Dating, showing us a younger version of the film's plucky protagonist Danny concussing himself as he runs free, fearlessly ignoring the fact that he is completely blind.