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Bigboob youbar gile

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Finally I found one girl who I thought was ok-looking and also agreed on bareback sex. I’ve heard many times people say that much less farangs have come to Pattaya this year, but I found that because there are not a lot of very attractive bar girls in Pattaya, even a small number of farangs present a fierce competition, because we all want to fuck that one very good looking girl.So one of the more frustrating experiences in Pattaya is that when you walk around in daytime you see a lot of very good looking girls walking with ugly farangs, while in the bars at night time you see only ugly girls!

I also fucked her for a short time, for I got so aroused that I couldn’t resist putting my dick into her cunt.But because there are hundreds of bars and a multiple of bar girls, it isn’t too hard to find one or two attractive ones.In fact, I found the bar scene in Pattaya quite similar to the one I encountered four years ago (in respect of both the quantity and quality of bar girls).Here she is: IMAGE At night I wandered around in the Sukhumvit area.I discovered a number of beer bars near the intersection of Sukhumvit and Asoke.I immediately got a new erection when I saw her sexy body, so I got in contact with her.

She was very willing and because she was renting a room in the hotel next to mine she invited me to go to her room. Her name was Phun and she was a little old (27 years), but she still had a great body with great ass and big tits (no baby) and she was obviously very experienced. I was amazed about the huge number of beerbars in Pattaya.

I couldn’t find one girl of my liking though: almost none of the girls would allow bareback sex and furthermore some of the most pretty ones already had a baby or only were available for ridiculously high prices. In accordance with my previous trips to Bangkok, I found Bangkok a particularly bad place to execute the hobby: Bangkok prostitutes are very hardcore and usually charge ridiculously high prices for very low quality service. I had been in Pattaya one time before and I had a great time there.

Of course, this is only my experience and opinion: I know that a lot of whoremongers, including some people on this board, love Bangkok. So I decided to get out of Bangkok as soon as possible: early in the afternoon I took the airco-bus to Pattaya for B90.

She didn’t allow anal though and later I found out that she didn’t swallow either.

She asked for a big tip, but I gave her only B200, because in contrary of the deal she didn’t “eat”. In the afternoon I went to the Bier Garten in Soi 7 (Sukhumvit Rd). She didn’t give BJ and her body wasn’t very good looking, but I think I shouldn’t expect a lot for B500 in Bangkok.

In February and March of 2002 I spent no less than five weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. BTW, I don’t have a clue how to spell the names of the girls correctly, but who cares? The application is straightforward, but you have to wait in line for a long, long time.