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Beaney dating

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The Beaney Institute is a Victorian building dating back to 1900, specially designed as an art museum and library on Canterbury High Street.The extension to double The Beaney Institute’s size is part of a £11.6 m project part funded by a Heritage Lottery grant.

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We have had many difficulties to overcome, including having an infestation of Death-Watch Beetles damaging the old oak frame panelling, but the building is now restored to its full glory of 1899 and looking stunning!They soon found the Beans' previously overlooked cave in Bennane Head.The cave was scattered with human remains, having been the scene of many murders and cannibalistic acts.Before they could take the resilient husband, a large group of fairgoers appeared on the trail and the Beans fled.With the Beans' existence finally revealed, it was not long before King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England) heard of the atrocities and decided to lead a manhunt with a team of 400 men and several bloodhounds.One fateful night, the Beans ambushed a married couple riding from a fair on one horse, but the man was skilled in combat, deftly holding off the clan with sword and pistol.

The clan fatally mauled the wife when she fell to the ground in the conflict.

Historic and architectural features of The Beaney Institute will be preserved and incorporated into an extended building with greatly improved access and a welcoming atmosphere.

Disabled access to the building is a priority and the aim is to improve access throughout and a central glass lift will give people better access to the upper floors.

It is also a greatly loved building and so the sourcing of both traditional craft traders and suitable materials took time.

An infestation of Death Watch Beetles damaged the old oak framed panelling, attracted to the wet fungal breeding ground .

The cave was 200 yards deep and during high tide the entrance was blocked by water.