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Backdating child tax

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For example, you could make a claim now if you found out your income is going to drop in 6 months’ time.

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"For most tax credit claimants, HMRC gives this backdating automatically on receipt of the claim.Many tax credit claimants are missing out because of a failure by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to operate the rules correctly, say low income campaigners.The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) believe that many thousands of people who claim working tax credits are losing out on money they are legally entitled to because HMRC is excluding them from its automatic backdating regime and failing to inform them they have a right to claim backdated tax credits."The way the backdating regime is operated by HMRC means that those people can only get their claim backdated if they ask for it once their claim has been processed.Yet HMRC are making no effort to inform them they can do this."Neither of HMRC's tax credit leaflets says anything about how to request backdating or who needs to do it. The most natural place to inform a claimant is the claim form, but this is silent on the subject of backdating, as are the accompanying notes, and the checklist people get once they have their first award notice, which is supposed to enable them to make sure their award is correct.

"The law says that HMRC must give backdating whenever appropriate, yet HMRC are not taking action to ensure that claimants are receiving what they are due.

My son was born in UK and for him I plan to send his UK Birth certificate.1) Can someone please tell me which documents from the list I need to send for my daughter born who was born in Paksitan Paksitani Passport Birth Certificate Original Birth Certficate Translation BRP Card for ILR2) How long it takes for processing claim? Hi Gurus, I got ILR on 06-2-2015 and received the BRP cards want to applty for Child Benefit for my daughter and son I was reading their HMRC website and it says that CB can be backdated for three months. (Any other date they like)I will be extremely thankful if someone clarifies the rule. TMI got ILR in start of Jan 2015 and applied for CB on 13th Jan.

Hi all just wondering if any of you have had to call child tax credits in regards to backdating the disability element and how long it takes?

The CIOT's primary purpose is to promote education and study of the administration and practice of taxation.

One of the key aims is to achieve a better, more efficient, tax system for all affected by it - taxpayers, advisers and the authorities.

However, claimants who have no children and who have been in work prior to HMRC receiving their claim do not have their claims backdated automatically.