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Atheist dating

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It is hard for many reasons, to be an atheist who is dating.

We scare them, and panic them, plague them with worries.Like two different cultures, this can be hectic, straining, and sometimes quite impossible.Especially when you hit the triggers, and the debates come on.Spending time defending your lack of belief over and over can be daunting for even the best of us. These kind of people want to put us under the control of religion, siting every possible flaw in our life as the need to return to mindlessly following along the religious spectrum.They can be different types of dangerous to atheists trying to date.Most atheists have left the dogmatic thinking of resolved divine answers without questions, to question everything.

Including why they believe anything and everything that they do.

Mostly because the desire to be loved and cared for is there, maybe more so, because we are smart.

Smart people often face a harder time with love, because it is hard to be accepted when you can point out all the flaws in people and the logic you seek so hard.

The biggest offense though is saying we are closed minded because we refuse to acknowledge how there could be a grand designer out there just waiting to save us from ourselves.

The problem is that from each side, the other looks a bit crazy. One side sees the delusion of the religious and the religious live happy and content with their delusion.

Many people can’t survive the grand Canyon that comes between the two points of view.