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Are amy and zack from paradise hotel still dating

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The Israeli version premiered in September 2008 and aired on Channel 2 entitled מפרץ האהבה (The Bay of Love).

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A second season of Paradise Hotel followed four years later on My Network TV and Fox Reality Channel, both of which are sister networks to Fox.One person is left over, and he or she has to leave.That person is then replaced the following episode.Keith decided to split his winnings with Tara Gerard, while Charla chose to keep the money for herself and to give Dave nothing.The second season began airing on February 4, 2008 on My Network TV and Fox Reality Channel. Amanda Byram returned as host and Mark Thompson returned as the announcer. The winning couple was Stephanie and Zack but the runners-up, Tidisha and Ryan, were given the responsibility of choosing only one member of the winning couple to claim the "ultimate prize".Paradise Hotel has gained huge popularity and debate in Norway.

The Dutch & Belgian version aired on the Dutch TV channel Veronica and the Belgian-Flemish TV channel VIER in September 2005.

The Danish Paradise Hotel is the most successful version of the UK format in the world.

The Danish version of Paradise Hotel premiered in September 2005 and is aired on TV3.

New episodes aired on My Network TV Monday nights at 9/8c with encore episodes airing Saturday nights at 9/8c. Zack, was chosen and was presented with a US $200,000 prize.

Fox Reality Channel aired more explicit, but still censored, same night TV-MA versions of new episodes at a.m. He chose to share $20,000 with Tidisha and $90,000 with Stephanie, keeping the remaining $90,000 for himself.

Josefine Caarle and Robin Andersson won and shared the winnings of 500 000 Swedish crowns. This year Miguel Kristiansen and Vida Lill Gausemel Berge won the controversial contest, but Vida Lill dropped the ball, and won 200,000 NOK, and shared 100,000 with her former partner, Stian Thorbjørnsen. In 2013 Tina Skovdal and Sander Kalstrup won the fifth season.