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Anniversaries do you celebrate while dating

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Here are 25 ideas that could help your next anniversary be the best ever: 1.

The last item will reveal the reservations that you have made at a bed and breakfast for your anniversary.Then, each year on your anniversary, take a picture of just you and your spouse doing something fun.Slip a print of it into the box, along with notes sharing marriage highlights from that year.I can't remember the exact year, but I do remember the place.My husband, Jim, and I were at a dusty baseball field somewhere in Arkansas. Maybe you handed your spouse an anniversary card while heading out the door to work.Stop by the church where you married, or drive by your first apartment or house.

Then look through your album of wedding pictures, or watch your wedding video if you have one.

something fun and memorable that you both would enjoy. Take your sweetheart on a "mystery trip." Be creative: Travel to another city for a romantic meal …

enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at three different restaurants in three different towns, etc. Visit some of the places you enjoyed when dating, engaged, and newly married.

Register for one and experience your first evening of painting together on your anniversary.

Or watch an online tutorial about painting with watercolors or oils.

Include some pictures of the two of you along with memorabilia from the past year. Husbands, take your wife to the exact location where you proposed.