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Ang dating daan bible software

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From in the morning, they sing worship songs and listen to their ministers.Now and then, some in the audience leave their seats to buy snacks at any of the many food stalls within the center, or buy a calendar photo of the group’s revered leader or a CD compilation of his favorite love songs.

Soriano’s use of modern media is not the only reason for his organization’s growth.They now have 26 television programs, 16 of which are on cable TV, and seven radio programs. The ADD bought an adjacent 10 hectares that, together with the site of their convention center, they plan to develop into a community.In the mid-’90s they obtained a loan that enabled them to buy a 50-million-peso, 10-hectare lot in Apalit, the center of their operations today because Apalit, they say, is the center of Luzon. Now in place aside from the convention center are a modest hotel and a still crude-looking school and hospital.After raising enough funds, they took another shot at television with the program "Ang Dating Daan." It is by that program’s title that his congregation became better known.The program also inspired a spoof on another TV program, titled "Ang Dating Doon." They started out with IBC 13 in the late ‘80s, but religious politics forced them out—so they claimed—and they transferred to RJTV 29.Their detractors followed them there and were able to take over the station, forcing Soriano’s group to transfer to another home in the late ‘90s, the UHF channel SBN 21.

Dramatic Growth Once the show was televised, membership soared dramatically.

One of his controversial doctrines is that there is something impossible with God: that it is impossible for God to lie.

God does not know everything, either, because if he did, says Soriano, he would have known that Lucifer would turn into a rebel and therefore wouldn’t have created him in the first place.

Perhaps Soriano’s most controversial aspect is his language.

A preacher interspersing the words of God with cuss words is a novelty on Philippine television.

The same characteristic, however, has won many over to his side.