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Mansplain He’s so crazy Banning an Arab Punching a nazi Even Ayn Rand was Never this bossy by R. Go figure.) I only wanted to promote my brand I really didn’t know it would get so out of hand Reminds me of Atlantic city Got kinda nuts so I told my creditors and contractors to sit pretty And go pound sand All I want is the privilege of a famous man To grab a pussy any way I can Yes the leaks are real but the news is fake Not like those puny leaks that Julian Assange makes No these are YUGE leaks Bigly Like the leaks I like to take with a pair of Russian playmates (After all, that’s just another form of gold plating with more liquidity Who doesn’t like that?) Yes I know I’m down now but I’ll never say die As long as I’ve got Steve Alt-right Bannon by my side The White house is running like a finely tuned machine (And it’ll be well oiled too) As soon as Tillerson grants Vladimir Putin his own wet dream (Let’s open the sluice gates) I’m gonna build that goddamn wall so high Make that wall in China wanna cry Gonna send the bill south of the border Try to shore up my disorder The White House is running like a finely tuned machine Oh welcome to my Alt-Epistemocracy!

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When More is Truly Less: Finding your Rose Among the Many Thorns I was pondering the answer to this question when I came home from a pediatrician’s office.Ironically there are also many singles who have a shortage of dating options and that can be quite depressing.They’re thinking “How will I ever get married if I never get suggestions?If you were desperately looking for a job and having trouble paying your monthly bills, wouldn’t you appreciate every lead someone sent your way, even if the job’s not a fi t?Wouldn’t you appreciate the time and effort they took out of their busy schedule to send you a lead, even if it isn’t in your specifi c fi eld?This was a first time visit with the doctor for my five-year-old.

This wasn’t the first time taking my child to the doctor’s office - I am not THAT kind of parent.

Still, like her, I think to myself: “What if my effort made a difference in the life of just one single?

” What if my response to The Single’s problem helped just one single respond differently to just one scenario?

Not only may the words we choose affect our interpersonal relationships, but the specific types of words we use can even affect our long-term mood, and by extension even the physical structures of our brains.

People have varied opinions about double dating, or what I’ll call more broadly multiple dating.

In my opinion, the appropriateness of dating multiples depends on four unique and personal factors, presented here as questions. Much the same might be applied when considering the question of double dating; our heads may easily justify things for ourselves that our hearts are indignant about in others.