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After all, we're all different with unique backgrounds that have shaped us. I said its not blackmail its refund and In my country blackmail is only when you say you are gonna harm physically somebody.And remember, glowing tributes that defy gravity to an instructor is by no means a guarantee that they'll be effective in your situation. So this is what you get from a fraud saying "Im reall deal." "Get any woman you want." He is complete opposite in reality. IF you have been fucked over by him, stop being a coward and ask for a refund, too. At least Paul has been somewhat honest about the amount of work that goes into getting a girl.

It automatically starts you off with safe mode on, and any adult-oriented pictures show up as a gray box.' Matches' show up in the left side column, although I couldn't figure out what criteria was used to match me with other members, since I didn't fill out my profile, add a photo, or otherwise state what I was looking for other than a gender preference upon signing up.I was told there were no matches, so I'd have to start 'liking other people' if I wanted a match, and if they 'liked' me too we'd get matched up.Then he gives you nonsense homework like taking pictures of girls and reading Harlequin novel so you have to spend money on a lot of consultations. He personally like gave 3 sessions to some guy to pickup one girl in a workplace, while there are so many in cold approach. He is full of shit and most importandly complete placebo. He is running his mouth so much on the internet that we should really spread the word about him, Im not alone my friends, but everybody is scared of admiting it to themselves or of him. David has called me after I told everywhere truth about him and started to treathen me that he is gonna call the police that Im stalker of women XD.If you dont have looks or status you are gonna pick ZERO girls with his advice. And Im not mentioning his arogance, he is just clicking on his computer for like 15 minutes telling you hold on, but after 60 minutes good bye. And when you tell them Im doing it doesnt work he starts to talk about how women are fucked up today (I swear). And he didnt know that in my country there is no law against it, so he started panicking that Im blackmailing him.Upon reading x Dating's Terms of Use and Publicity Policy, I was hesitant even to sign up for the service myself to review it properly.

A larger-than-average number of red flags popped out at me, such as:x Dating costs either $19.98 a month for three months (billed all at once for $59.95) or $29.95 a month, billed monthly.

A few days later, I amazingly got refunded by what I viewed (and still view) as a scam company.

Despite being lucky enough to get that refund, I am most grateful that Scambook exists for the sake of those who, without Scambook, haven’t a hope in the world of getting their money back.

I wouldn't normally ask somebody their stats, nor would I expect them to give them to me but because of the terse reply you just gave, I will have no respect for you if you don't tell us.

Scambook and Seva Call Because I was on a TV show popular with finance nerds where I talk about making fuck you money and because I publicly detail the millions of dollars I’ve made here, I get pitched A LOT by startups and their founders…but I turn most of them down…but not these two…These are two private companies that I’ve invested my hard-earned cash into because they both have amazingly useful businesses to both consumers and businesses with highly revolutionary and profitable business models, something I know a little about 🙂is a website where consumers can go if they’ve been scammed or ripped off and they can get their $ back.

The x Dating site focuses on real-time interactions with people wanting adult, casual or primarily sexual relationships.