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The biggest threat to African animals is not poachers, but the growing population of humans.The African continent is home to over 1 billion people, up from around 250,000 people in the 1950s.

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Therefore owls eat, hunt, and live alone most of their lives.The Kenyan Highlands, along with the Great Rift Valley, are home to the “big 5” African animals (elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions, and rhinos) which draw thousands of visitors to Kenya ever year.African Animals and humans African animals have long been under threat from humans.This cam pans about 120 degrees from the fever trees just to the left of the hippo pool all the way upriver to “Basking Beach.” The view overlaps with that of the African River Wildlife Camera, but with a lower angle.African Animal Facts Africa is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth; there are more than one million species of animals on this continent of 11 million square miles.With their large eyes, they are able to pick up the sight of very small rodents and insects scattered along the floor.

Along with their large eyes, owls have ears that give them the amazing ability to hear a twig break from up to 75 feet away.

Therefore, in order for an owl to look around it must twist its neck or body.

Owls are able to twist their necks around 270 degrees.

The wild African landscape has been a favorite international hunting destination since the early 20th century.

US President Teddy Roosevelt famously embarked on an African hunting safari in 1909 and killed or captured over 10,000 animals.

Mpala facilitates and exemplifies sustainable human-wildlife co-existence and the advancement of human livelihoods and quality of life.