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Dalelv appealed the conviction and had a hearing scheduled for September 2013, but she was pardoned on 22 July, a few days after Norwegian media reported the news and after it had drawn extensive international media attention, which caused an uproar on both social media and traditional Western media outlets.

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She claimed she had tried to resist the man, but he pushed her head down; room-service then knocked on the door Dalelv made the initial complaint of rape early on 7 March.According to the police transcripts, she told the questioning police officer: "I had three glasses of vodka, one mojito and a beer while we were at the club, and I asked [the person] to protect me from molestation attempts".In the same account, she reported taking a cab with colleagues, including the alleged attacker, to the hotel where they were staying and that she had forgotten where her room was located.Although the forensic report did not confirm any rape, the examiner's probability matched my client's claim that H. On 21 July 2013, the company claimed they were working to secure her release, would provide legal support and that she was terminated because she "ceased communication" with them, not because of the rape allegations.The statement said: We are sympathetic to Marte Dalelv during this very difficult situation.Al Mana Interiors has repeatedly offered Marte support and company representatives were by her side throughout the initial investigation and police interviews, and spent days at both the police station and the prosecutor's office to help win her release.

On 22 July 2013, Thomas Lundgren, head of THE One, said in an interview that it had been a mistake to fire Dalelv during the trial and that the company would offer both Dalelv and the man she accused their jobs back.

The incident also caused an uproar on social media, as people were leaving comments on the Facebook pages of both the employer, THE One Total Home Experience and the Dubai Tourist Office.

THE One Total Home Experience closed their Facebook page to comments from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark on 19 July 2013.

as he had never been charged with rape and both parties had been given a pardon for drinking alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

When the pardon was announced, the Norwegian ambassador to the UAE said: We are very happy with the dialogue we have had with the UAE from the political level over the last week.

The court also convicted her of having consensual extramarital sex, for which they sentenced her to 12 months imprisonment, since extramarital sex (zina) is outlawed in the UAE.