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South dakota hy cams

The storm brought heavy rains and small hail stones.

Price called a breaking news hotline and 911, where he reached Mitchell Chief of Public Safety Lyndon Overweg.Because Mitchell Public Safety has an Onsight 24/7 system installed, it already had the software to access the camera feed at CHS.Overweg, with Price's instructions, was able to pan the camera from dispatch that morning."That day was the first time we used this camera," Overweg said."We didn't even know it was there."Onsight 24/7 donated three cameras to the city of Mitchell for resident and official use.One camera is mounted on the CHS elevator, another at the Corn Palace, and the third was installed Thursday on top of the city's southern-most water tower.During the demonstration, Overweg asked if the Search and Rescue team could have access.

Price said it would be as simple as downloading the app. Only those granted access through the software can change the position of public cameras.

(Amber Hiles/Republic)Brian Price, owner of Onsight 24/7, Mitchell, at left, shows officials at the Mitchell Public Safety building how to use the software for the new public cameras positioned around Mitchell and surrounding towns.

(Amber Hiles/Republic)Brian Price, owner and operator of Onsight 24/7, of Mitchell, monitored the storm with the recently installed camera on the CHS Farmer's Alliance elevator west of town."The storm was coming from the south.

The usability of the software makes panning the camera as easy as a click.

Public Safety can choose any of the public cameras, along with their own private cameras, installed by Onsight 24/7 a couple years ago.

"The video feed is recorded, time-lapsed and flushes the face to protect identity."Price then shared the recording from Mother's Day.