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However, the government has yet to employ formal standard operating procedures to identify potential sex trafficking and forced labor victims and how to refer them to care.

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We want to make people feel happy, build up casual relationships or have just a great time in their life. Maarten – despite a very large vulnerable population of illegal migrants and foreign women in prostitution, including women employed by licensed brothels – significantly hampered the government's anti-trafficking efforts. Maarten: Identify and assist potential trafficking victims by implementing formalized, proactive victim protection measures to guide officials, including health workers, on how to identify and assist victims of forced labor and sex trafficking in the regulated and unregulated sex trade; implement procedures to transport potential trafficking victims to a safe location for victim identification interviews, as victims often first appear as immigration violators and are reluctant to disclose details of their exploitation; proactively implement the anti-trafficking law by vigorously prosecuting, convicting, and sentencing trafficking offenders, including officials complicit in human trafficking; include a trained Spanish-speaking victim advocate in routine health inspections at legal brothels to ensure the rights of women in these legal brothels are protected; conduct outreach with all incoming migrants, including domestic workers and foreign women on temporary entertainment visas, to ensure they are informed of their rights, the new anti-trafficking hotline, and ways to seek help; continue to consult with the Government of the Netherlands on how it proactively identifies trafficking victims; consider establishing a stand-alone position for the national trafficking coordinator to ensure anti-trafficking responses are separate from immigration enforcement; and continue to educate the general public, public officials, and victims about trafficking in St. Prosecution The government sustained anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts. Maarten's June 2012 penal code prohibits all forms of trafficking in persons through articles 9-245 and prescribes penalties ranging from four to 24 years' imprisonment.These penalties are sufficiently stringent and are commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.According to media reports, officials granted the establishment a new operating permit despite a request by the prosecutor's office to close down this brothel.Immigration authorities reported that the standard law enforcement response for women who escape government-licensed brothels continued to be deportation, rather than investigating the circumstances driving their escape.Although the government reported conducting two immigration-related enforcement checks for safety code violations in all regulated brothels in 2013, it was unclear to what extent these inspections involved explicit screening for trafficking indicators.

The government did not identify or refer to victim services any potential sex trafficking victims identified in government-licensed brothels in 2013.

Foreign women working in the regulated brothels and strip clubs on St.

Maarten are typically granted short-term, temporary residence permits, usually valid for three to six months, after which they are required to leave the country.

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The government has not formally identified any trafficking victims since 2011.