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The generation in their early twenties and younger often call or write to say, “I was watching your satellite TV program, and something in me said I need Jesus, and I’m ready.” No questions about Islam and Christianity. War and decades of harsh rule and sanctions have caused those in their thirties to early forties to name themselves the “Burnt Generation.” They can’t find jobs, they can’t afford to get married, and they have no future.

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So from just one broadcast on our Iran Alive satellite network, Network 7, they begin to see that Christianity is not what they thought before.It used to take me weeks or months working with Persians who were interested in Christianity to convince them to choose Christ.For the older generations, the spirit of Islam lay heavy on them, a blindfold on their minds that prevented them from grasping the Gospel, truth, or often even logic.Unlike their parents, who would be offended by direct correction, the young people love straight talk.They become soldiers for Jesus, ready to run for the Lord.Have a look in the streets of Tehran and you will quickly see that a headscarf can in fact be used to cover almost no hair at all, a “covering” jacket can be tighter than a party dress and that an Iranian punk girl is even more rebellious, since the rules broken are not (just) about fashion.

During my three weeks in Iran I saw so many brave and proud women, who are slowly and patiently creating a different future for themselves – and who looked nothing at all like the oppressed victims that my Swedish friends and colleagues had been expecting me to meet.

The Iranian girls interviewed in the guide seemed so witty, smart and strong – I immediately wanted to meet them, to hang out with them.

And now here I was, over a decade later, finally walking the streets of Tehran!

We spent three weeks in Iran and I got the chance to talk to, and become friends with, a few Iranian women.

Even though there was sometimes the language barrier making things a bit more complicated, we shared honest and open-minded conversations.

They want Him, and they taste the hope He can give them.