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As Jamie Shupe informed the court that day, Jamie Shupe does not self-identify as either male or female.

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Instead, they choose to identify, one way or another, as nonbinary—an umbrella term used by people who don’t feel they fit neatly into either traditional gender identity.Despite personal and professional success, however, Shupe struggled with undiagnosed gender dysphoria—the feeling that their innate gender identity didn’t match their assigned biological sex.Medical professionals first formally recognized gender dysphoria as a diagnosable condition in the early 1980s; today, it’s commonly treated through a combination of professional mental health, peer and social support, and medical interventions such as surgeries and hormone replacement therapy.Other members of their unit seemed to sense something was different about Shupe.“They used to automatically assume I was gay, and some of them tried to sabotage my career at different points,” Shupe says.Shupe began attending transgender support groups, which played out in a sort of Goldilocks fashion.

One group was largely composed of cross-dressing men; Shupe, who doesn’t identify as a man, felt out of place.

In the army, however, Shupe did not seek treatment, and found the condition’s basic distress exacerbated by a hostile environment.

Their unit’s first sergeant, for example, delivered morning lectures on Sodom and Gomorrah and “hunted” for gays in the unit, according to Shupe.

This use of the singular “they” can certainly create some sentences that are, initially, confusing.

But, really, pronouns may be the least interesting aspect of their (yes, let’s get started! orn in 1963 in Washington, DC, and raised as male, Shupe harbors memories of being slapped by their mother for acting like a “sissy.” In high school, Shupe scored well on a military aptitude test.

Another group encouraged transgender women to support each other through gender Shupe, who didn’t want any surgeries, felt they didn’t fit in there, either.