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For example, if you don’t have a latex allergy, please avoid using Latex-free condoms if you can, so that there are some free for people with allergies.Some of the items come in limited amounts, so feel free to drop an anonymous no te in either of our pigeon holes, or use the welfare pigeon hole to let us know they need restocking.

Fifty four percent of CAM users (excluding those using spiritual healing only) failed to inform their doctors that they used CAM.Unconventional, alternative or unorthodox therapies are difficult to define because they encompass a broad spectrum of practices and beliefs.The term "alternative medicine" may suggest an opposition to allopathic medicine, but the word "alternative" simply means "other".They concluded that interest in and awareness of complementary medicine among orthodox health care professionals had increased during this period, and that the number of studies on alternative medicine published in scientific journals was increasing.Studies suggesting that church going, religious beliefs, and prayer can improve morbidity and mortality have received attention in medical journals and the general media [].The main reason given by half of this group was that informing their doctors did not seem necessary.

The prevalence of CAM in Chatsworth is similar to findings in other parts of the world.

Astin et al proposed that besides patients finding many alternative therapies more congruent with their philosophical orientation toward health, they also preferred practitioners who took the time to listen, understand and deal with their personal life as well as pathology [].

As conventional medicine in the USA becomes increasingly expensive, depersonalised, and unable to adequately meet the needs of patients with chronic conditions, Husted et al found that many such patients were seeking health promotion strategies to effectively manage their symptoms [].

Age, sex, marital status, religion, level of education and income were shown not to influence the use of CAM.

Greater than half (51.9%) of CAM users did so either upon the advice of someone they knew, or after noticing a CAM advertisement in the local press.

Findings support a need for greater integration of allopathic medicine and CAM, as well as improved communication between patients and caregivers regarding CAM usage. They made a staggering 629 million visits to CAM practitioners, far exceeding the 386 million visits made to primary care physicians during the same year.