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Some companies allow you to set your own per-minute rates. Your pay is usually sent by check or direct deposit weekly or monthly.SAHMs who've reported they're working as phone sex actors say their work schedule revolves around their home life schedule.

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Legitimate companies pay you and do not require an investment.Once everyone's asleep, you log back into your phone actor account to take more calls and troll chat rooms for new callers.Or maybe you take the night off because your favorite TV show is on.For hourly pay, you earn a wage when you're accepting calls even if your phone never rings.With talk time, you're paid for the amount of time you talk to a caller.Phone sex employment is becoming popular with stay-at-home moms who want to earn extra cash while still being able to stay home with their kids.

CNN reports the economy is driving many moms to turn to jobs as phone actors, also known as phone sex operators or phone entertainers.

She is not someone who gets embarrassed by talk most people would find offensive. According to moms who are working in this industry, you will hear things from strangers you may have never heard before and you will have to say things you may not have ever dreamed you would speak.

The reasons for entering this controversial industry vary.

They take a portion of your pay, while if you worked for the actual company, you would receive the entire wage. If you get information from a third-party site, check out the company's home page, and make a phone call. " -Amanda"I have been a PSO (phone sex operator) for 7 months now and I will tell you it's best to work at a busy company if you are doing dispatch since the pay is lower.

If you can find a dispatch job that pays .50 a minute apply for it and hope the calls are steady." -Renee"If you're smart and are a good business woman and are willing to learn the ins and outs of your job to be able to advertise yourself, you can very easily earn 700 to 1,000 dollars a week right now even during a recession.

The following comments are from moms who've submitted their phone actor experiences:"My husband and I both have full time day jobs though, but with the economy being as bad as it is right now, we need any extra income we can get.