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Password for sex chat

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The Smut Shack, which is the most popular of several chat "shacks" on San Francisco-based, is the forum of choice for Internet users to talk to each other about, and virtually enact, sex.The founders wrote the software from scratch seven years ago and, without meaning to, not only invented Web chat but established a community that has turned into the world's biggest sex party.

Despite the shirt faux pas, Howland says the jog-a-thon raised $25,000 for student activities." Ironically, the founders of didn't set out to create a sex site when they started out back in 1994."We just called it Bianca's Smut Shack because we thought it was kinda cute," said Dave Thau, 34, who started the site with friends who lived in or visited an apartment on Chicago's North Side.Users are invited to enter the "Parlor Room," for example, where "Bianca has set up pillows and tea pots" in different corners for discussing sex information, fetishes and fantasies.The site's maintenance staff, or "trolls" as they refer to themselves, encourages users to be nice to each other. They quietly try to provide you with the tools to accomplish all your hearts could desire." This caring attitude suffuses the site. Another much-hated characteristic of commercial Web porn -- the windows that pop up, no matter what you do, when you're trying to exit a site -- is also absent from the Smut Shack.One of those horny guys wanting to spy on some hot lezzie action.

Maybe -- or it could be that "Joe" is the handle of a woman who wants to try a male identity on for size.

As in more than two dozen people posting every minute during the busiest times.

Thau says he doesn't care what people talk about, only that they have a platform to talk about what they want to.

want it so bad," writes "Tom in CA" to someone calling herself "Sexy Brown Eyes." "Mmmm oh yes lick me sexy," replies Brown Eyes, who may or may not have brown eyes or even be female.

The two Web chatters proceed to a delightful roll about the "Bedroom" area of Bianca's Smut Shack.

While it takes a little patience to sort through posts by the clueless and the obnoxious, the sheer number of users means it's possible for most people to find someone who shares their predilections.