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Between then and now were some difficult times for the organization that was once NASCAR's most successful -- fabled Petty Enterprises was folded into the entity that ultimately became RPM, and the team was nearly run into bankruptcy by former owner George Gillett.

It's a commonly held opinion among fans and band alike that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' lone live album, 1986's Pack Up the Plantation, didn't quite capture the group at its peak, so there has been a long-standing need for another live set, which 2009's Live Anthology finally provides.I know this sounds terrible, but it's more about winning so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment more than just winning to give Richard Petty another win.He's won enough races." Almirola, who often trades playful shots with his car owner, showed off a wide smile.Although Kasey Kahne won twice in a brief tenure in the Petty fold and Almirola's teammate Marcos Ambrose has triumphed two times on road courses, the races and months and seasons continued to stretch on without NASCAR's most iconic vehicle basking in a spray of confetti and champagne.Some wondered if it ever would, given the depths of which RPM had to climb out.Certainly, the deluxe edition lives up to its billing, offering enough extras to justify its price tag, but the standard edition is plenty generous as it is, serving up enough consistently strong music from throughout the decades, ranging from expert covers of Willie Dixon and the Grateful Dead to deep treasures from the Heartbreakers catalog.

Apart from the tendency to favor performances that stretch on a little too long with jamming -- something that is a matter of taste, as some prefer energy to improvisations -- if there's any flaw to the set, it's how it goes out of its way to prove the band's consistency by skipping through the decades, letting a version of "Louisiana Rain" from 1972 sit next to a 1997 cover of "Green Onions" and "Melinda" from 2003.

Considering that Southern Accents took so much time and money to complete, finally hitting the stores two and a half years after Long After Dark, it wasn't surprising that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers decided to release a double live album, Pack Up the Plantation: Live! After all, Southern Accents was criticized from many corners for being too slick, too much in Dave Stewart's corner instead of the Heartbreakers', so it made sense to quickly return the focus to the band, showcasing the group as the rockers they are.

Pack Up the Plantation does do that, even if it isn't quite the barnburner it should have been.

3)", "Angel Dream", "California", "Grew Up Fast", "Hung Up & Overdue", "Hope You Never") / (writer: "Walls (Circus)", "Walls (No.

3)", "Angel Dream", "California", "Grew Up Fast", "Hung Up & Overdue", "Hope You Never") He has said that he regarded his and the Heartbreakers best work was when they collaborated with Johnny Cash on the legend's album "Unchained." The Heartbreakers would perform on Cash's next two albums after that (which would be his last), but Petty, due to other engagements, was less involved with those.

As a kid, Almirola used to journey across the peninsula to Daytona, both to race karts at Municipal Stadium and see races at the big track.