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(I do not think Andy will win a career slam, but I didn’t think Pennetta would win the US Open, either.) Anusha: And Murray needs help to win a Slam — Novak or Fed or Rafa has to not be there. Andrew: Speaking of Rafa, what’s going on there, what’s going to happen, is he going to be ready for Paris? Andrew: Wawrinka won the Aussie in 2014, the French in 2015.

But I think Halep will be the most consistent (though I think she is less likely to win a Slam than either Muguruza or Keys). Amy: Sloane will only continue to be relevant whenever she loses to Serena at a Slam. I think she’s got the game, she just needs to figure out how to use it … Don’t buy that one, Amy Amy: It’s a legit prediction. Andrew: I think Kyrgios is where you’ve gotta look for an Aussie going Top 10. Also, he did nothing in Australia last year, so he has room to gain here. I do not think Dimitrov will pick up his game this year. Andrew: Thiem confuses me, I can’t decide what I make of his potential. Amy: Of Tomic and Kyrgios, who will have more scandals this year? Andrew: I want to believe in Keys but her 2015 was sad. Andrew: Will Aga be more magical again this year after her rocky start to 2015? Lindsay: Aga, the winner of the WTA World Tour Finals!!! /fin Amy: I bombed this prediction badly last year, but I think it’s very tough to follow up a year like what he did in 2015, so I’m going to say no. Lindsay: I think Djokovic’s going to have another ridiculous season. Amy: I could see Andy picking up another Slam this year. Lindsay: My Rafa crystal ball is coming up with nothing.

He’s going to prioritize the Olympics and French, and rightly so. Andrew: I’d give him at least two Slams and the Olympics. Andrew: I think his form will be ridiculous still, but I think more and more we’ll see players have days where they turn up FIRING against him like Stan at the French. I don’t want one person winning three Slams on either tour. Andrew: There was a scary moment during the clay season where I really thought he had French Open potential. Murray isn’t any closer to figuring out Fed than he was in 2014. Andrew: I agree Anusha, I think he makes a couple of finals and wins at least one this year.

Anusha: I don’t think he’s going to have 2013 Novak or 2013 Fed to work with.

Lindsay: I don’t think we’re done with Big-Time Stan yet, but it’ll never be a constant.

Lindsay: Who won the WTA Finals in 2015, The Year of Serena?

Amy: Before you said that, Linz, I was actually typing out that I didn’t remember a single thing Aga did in 2015.

Lindsay: LOL Amy: It’s not like he’s going to become Mother Theresa.